CMMC: Workshops and Courses

We regularly organized different workshops to a large audience. The following list provide some typical courses which we offered in the past:

  • The Theology of Christian Worship
  • Worship and Church Music
  • The Biblical Foundation of Christian Worship
  • Music Ministry and You
  • Choral and instrumental conducting (Introductory to advance)
  • How to be a church pianist?
  • The organization of the church orchestra
  • Hymns and you

In the past, we have held our workshops in different languages: English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. If you have questions or suggestions concerning ways our ministry can be more helpful to your community and your church, the CMMC board of directors would be glad to hear from you.

Course examples:

  • CMUS 101 - Music Reading for Choir Member: Introduction
  • CMUS 204 - Service Playing: Introduction
  • CMUS 205 - Hymn Playing | detail
  • CMUS 210 - Tablets & Mobile Phones Hymn Praise Workshop | detail
  • WSCM 101 - Foundation Studies on Worship and Church Music | detail
  • WSCM 102 - Intermediate Studies on Worship and Church Music | detail
  • WSCM 103 - Worship Seminars for Lay Leaders | detail
  • WSCM 201 - Hymns: Analysis, Appreciation, and Application (1) | detail
  • WSCM 301 - Examine the Influence of Musicians from the Billy Graham Crusade | detail

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