CHURCH MUSIC MINISTRY OF CANADA: Inauguration of the Centre for Worship Studies



Inauguration of the Centre for Worship Studies

Vancouver, British Columbia, March 8, 2011 - Church Music Ministry in Canada and Carey Institute (associate with Carey Theological College) share the vision of educating pastors and congregational leaders in the area of worship studies. The establishment of the Centre for Worship Studies aims at bringing quality training for worship leaders across Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

The Centre for Worship Studies’ (CWS) exists to provide training programs that are grounded in foundations which are based upon the biblical, theological, historical, cultural principles and practice in Christian worship under the auspice of Carey Institute. CWS will work closely with the Carey Theological College and Church Music Ministry in Canada.

Joyce Chan, PhD, and Herbert H. Tsang, PhD, will serve as the Co-Director of CWS. Dr. Chan is the Associate Professor of Church History & Multi-Cultural Studies and the Director of the North American Chinese Ministries Program of Carey Theological College. Dr. Tsang is the President of Church Music Ministry of Canada and also recently appointed as Adjunct Professor of Carey Theological College.

CWS will offer a variety of workshops, seminars, and offer both non-credit and academic worship-related courses. CWS programs will provide learning experiences which will equip individuals both in their personal development and growth in their ministry effectiveness at their local churches. Through this interdisciplinary study initiative, it is our prayer that CWS can serve as catalyst in the renewal of worship in Christian worshiping communities across Western Canada and beyond.

The inauguration event for CWS will be the worship conference that is going to be held on May 14, 2011.

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